Prime Minister Löfven meets President Trump

“He’s a highly respected man and done a great job in Sweden.  They are doing, really, record numbers, I guess very much like we’re doing record numbers.”  – President Trump about Swedish Prime Minister Löfven.

In the beginning of March, the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, and President Trump had a meeting at the White House. The meeting marks 200 years since the beginning of diplomatic relations between the US and Sweden. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is the first of the European leaders to visit the White House since President Trump announced, in the beginning of March, that he wanted to impose tariffs on imports of steel at 25% and aluminum at 10%. Another topic for the meeting was Sweden’s long-standing diplomatic relationship with North Korea. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven offered to assist the United States in its efforts to end the nuclear crisis there.

During the meeting, the third edition of the report “Sweden create jobs in America” was released. Swedish companies create nearly 1,000,000 jobs in the U.S., directly or indirectly. With $52.7 billion in Foreign Direct Investment, Sweden is the 15th largest investor per capita in to the U.S. Bilateral trade relations. Today, the United States is Sweden’s largest trading partner outside the European Union and the third largest export market for Swedish companies.

You can read the complete report and more about the partnership between Sweden and the United States here.