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New member – the Swedish Premium Skin Care Brand; Cicamed USA LLC

Welcome to our New Corporate Member - Cicamed USA LLC!

Cicamed Organic Science - a new generation of natural skin care

Cicamed Medical Science - advanced skin care developed with Swedish doctors to solve skin and hair problems

Cicamed is a Swedish Premium Skin Care Brand with their head quarters in Stockholm Sweden. Founded by Mikael Ohlen they have developed award-winning natural and organic skincare products that work wonders for your skin and also provide medical solutions for acne, scars and hair loss.

Cicamed is divided into two separate product lines, Cicamed Organic Science and Cicamed Medical Science. The “Cica” in Cicamed comes from “cicatriser”, meaning to heal skin, which is derived from “cicatrix”, the Latin word for scar. To formulate effective skin care you need to understand the skin and its needs. Our skin is amazing and it protects us from damage, infection and dehydration. Being the first line of defense, the skin is easily damaged by both internal and external factors.

Cicamed Organic Science combines the best from nature with science. The result is a new generation of natural skin care with a focus on safe, active ingredients and visible results. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients that strengthen and complement the skin's natural defense against aging. Cicamed also takes pride in sharing that no animals are used in the testing of its products. We fight oxidization in our products with airtight packaging filled under a vacuum.

Cicamed Medical Science is the cosmeceutical series developed to solve skin and hair problems. Cicamed Medical Science's products allow its users to reduce the visibility of scarsspotsacne and prevent discoloration.

Cicamed benefits from Plastic Surgery Clinic ‘Proforma Clinic’ in-house medical team, which is comprised of experienced doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. They have the ability to test the efficiency of future released products and modify the recipe as needed.

For us natural skin care is not about deselecting ingredients; it is about making the best choices. You no longer have to choose between nature and getting great results for your skin. With Cicamed Organic Science products you can have it all.

Cicamed product lines have been praised numerous times in the press in Sweden and recently they signed a global partnership with Kathy Ireland Worldwide (kiWW®). "We are thrilled to partner with Kathy and her brilliant team at kiWW®," declared Mikael Ohlen after the agreement was concluded at the 2016 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Kathy Ireland, CEO of kiWW® added:  "It is a tremendous honor to be chosen by Mikael to introduce this brand to America and global communities.

"Sweden is a small country, and yet, thousands and thousands of people tell us, that we have changed their lives. Many celebrities from all over the world, including very-well known ones from the USA, have been using our products for years, and now the same formulas that we use at our plastic surgery clinic in Sweden are available in America," concluded Mikael Ohlen.

The partnership with Kathy Ireland Worldwide shows Cicamed’s commitment to establish itself on the US market.

You can order Cicamed’s products online Their office is situated in Miami Beach, Florida.

Cicamed USA LLC | 1000 5th Street, Second Floor
Miami Beach, Florida 33131 | Phone: +1 (305) 763-8884
E-mail: |