Unitec Marine

Unitec Marine is an engineering company that provides mechanical and electrical services to the oil and marine industry worldwide, both on- and offshore. The three owners started the company in October four years ago, while they were employed on a ship. They came up with an idea to build a company that could do the same job as their current employer, just better! 

Today, Unitec Marine has about 50 employees, whereof six are based at the office and three are based out on the ships. Jonas and Nils claim that being Swedish is an advantage in the sense that they were raised with good work ethics. They have taught in their employees the same quality, and have therefore managed to implement large projects for their contracters. 

Nils and Jonas classify their company as medium/large. They don’t want to become a large company because it wouldn’tbe beneficial for them. They would rather grow geographically. Today, Unitec Marine do projects in France and Finland where the drydocs are located. Recently, they expanded to Norway where they have sex to eight people working. 

It’s a fast growing business, and Nils and Jonas know the importance of having the right recourses. For that reason, they work on maintaining good contact with old and new contractors.

Membership Spotlight with Frederick Burman from Skanska

Frederick Burman is the Senior Vice President of the Skanska Group Asset Management function, based in the US  in Miami, FL. Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups.

Skanska US was founded in the 1970:ies and has grown to include two nationwide construction units, Skanska USA Building and Skanska USA Civil, as well Commercial Development in five US urban markets; LA, Houston, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Boston. Frederick’s main role is to represent Skanska on the boards of its three US Public-Private Partnership concession companies – the Midtown/Downtown Tunnel in Norfolk/Portsmouth, Virginia, LaGuardia Terminal B in New York and the I-4 Ultimate highway in Orlando. The projects typically involve construction periods of 4-6 years, and thereafter operations and maintenance responsibilities for up to 30-50+ years. Frederick’s main work duties entail visiting Skanska’s customers and the projects on site, traveling to Virginia, New York and Orlando on a frequent basis. He has been working for Skanska and living in Florida since 2006, and is currently the single employee at the Miami location. Skanska Asset Management’s headquarters in the US is located in Arlington, Virginia. Frederick also works closely with Skanska in Sweden as he reports back onproject progress.

Skanska’s presence in the US started in the 1970’s, when it bought several construction companies in select markets, in order to diversify its business. At first, the companies bought did not change their company names, given their strong local reputations and know-how. Today, all companies have been fully integrated into the Skanska fold, in an effort of streamlining overhead, promoting Skanska as single brand under one set of values. As a consequence thereof, Skanska has a strong company culture across all its international markets today, including its strong focus on safety, living up to customer commitments, global leadership in sustainability and green construction, as well as in diversity and ethics. Skanska also is committed to being a leading employer of choice for talent within our industry.

Frederick finishes off the interview by stating that in the US, Skanska as a whole is here to stay!

Susanna Grubb- a future’s broker

We had the opportunity to meet with Susanna Grubb from the Ultimate Florida Real Estate in Jupiter. Susanna has many years of experience working as a real estate agent. Last year, she decided to make a major change in her life. She decided to do what many people dream of doing – start her own company. One year later, the company has expanded to three employees. 

Ultimate Florida Real Estate is not a regular brokers agency. The company sells more than houses – they sell a lifestyle. If it’s the boat life, the golf life, or simply the beach life you want – then Ultimate Florida Real Estate can assist. 

Since Susanna holds a master’s degree in Technical Communication, she can successfully combine the best of both worlds to expand her company. In addition to selling a lifestyle, the Ultimate Florida Real Estate differentiates in the way they hold an open house. When buying through the Ultimate Florida Real Estate, you don’t necessarily need to physically be in the house in order to see it. Through Matterport 3D (a new technology), you can virtually ”walk” around in the house in front of your computer screen. Especially foreigners appreciate this technology. The Ultimate Florida Real Estate offer all their customers selling their properties a Matterport 3D Tour, regardless of the price range. Susanna believes voice search is the next big thing. Voice search is talking to your digital devices instead of writing. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your company comes as an alternative up when someone asks for companies in the industry. Because of her use of new technology, Susanna Grubb is truly a broker of the future. 

Susanna has been through quite the journey in the past year! However, she says that building a brand and website is difficult and time-consuming. You must be willing to give those extra hours. 

We would like to thank Susanna Grubb for giving us the insights of a broker in South Florida. Are you interested in being the next member standing in the spotlight? Please email info@sacc-sfl.org for more information.

This week’s Membership Spotlight is with Wine+Garden. We did a short Q&A with Greger Nilzen.

Why did you decide to become a member of SACC F.L & Palm Beach?

I have been a member in Dallas SACC for the last 5 years I lived there and made a lot of great connections that way. When moving to Ft Lauderdale it was a natural step. I have made both friends and business connections this way as well as be able to have some fun with fellow Swedes. 

What are the perks of running a restaurant in South Florida?

Being so close to the beach gives the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who is here visiting. Since I intentionally didn’t focus on creating another “tourist-trap”, but a great restaurant I been able to stay above the competition. Having the location in a place I consider paradise does is a nice perk. 

Describe your restaurant in three words 
Romantic, Mystic and Friendly

Meet Urban Bülow – Group Director North America, Bufab Group

Bufab is a trading company working world-wide, founded in 1977 in Småland, Sweden. Today they have operations in 27 countries. They are since 2014 listed as a mid-cap company on Nasdaq Stockholm. 

Bufab offers their customers a full-service solution as Supply Chain Partner for sourcing, quality control and logistics for C-Parts. A majority of the business is trading but for some high end stainless steel fasteners as well as turned or machined parts Bufab has its’ own production companies in Sweden and UK. The high-quality stainless steel fasteners are traded under the name Bumax. It is known as the strongest stainless steel bolt in the World and is made to endure the most demanding of applications. Their Swedish reputation is beneficial for them, and they are proud to be a Swedish company. 

Bufab is active in seven regions, and have a high presence in Europe and Asia, and the goal is to expand the U.S market. They want to serve the customer where the customers are located, which can explain the fact that Bufab has 38 subsidiaries. They plan to grow both organically and to find potential acquisitions partners, to expand its business and find new customers is in the pipeline for the future. They see a lot of potential in the marine industry here in South Florida, for which the Bumax products would suit perfectly.

Welcome Urban Bülow & Bufab to Florida!

The Coffee Company

The Coffee Company has come a long way since it was founded 1988 in Gothenburg. Over the years, the owners Raul and Elisabeth Tolly grew a successful business. At its peak, the company employed around 65 people. 2013, Raul and Elisabeth decided to sell their business in Sweden to Miko Puro Coffee in Belgium, and move to South Florida together with their two children. 

When the family first arrived in Florida, they started a fast-food restaurant with healthy items on the menu. However, since the market was tough at the time, they decided to close down the restaurant after three years. Even though they had new insights as to how difficult running a business can be, they decided to start over by opening The Coffee Company. 

The goal of The Coffee Company is to spread an ecological coffee culture. The Tolly’s call their vision ”Coffee for a Cause”. Their business idea is to install coffee machines for free when the client purchases the coffee from The Coffee Company. As a client, you do not pay for the machines, but simply for the coffee. All The Puro coffee is organic and fair trade. The Coffee Company also have a ” new” premium brand, named Bristot Espresso Italiano. You can help yourself by drinking healthy coffee and also help the planet earth!

If your company would like to offer tasty ecological coffee to employees and customers, please email info@thecoffecompanyfl.com for more info and a free trial for 2-7 days.

MEMBERSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Fine Line Marine Electric

What does Fine Line Marine Electric do?

Fine Line Marine Electric provides electrical and control engineering services to the mega yacht industry through a highly-trained staff of 15. Our offices are located in Lauderdale Marine Center, the nation’s largest luxury yacht repair and ship yard facility. Fine Line specializes in shore power converter systems, customized control units, integrated ship monitoring programs and all types of electrical surveys on the vessels.


What’s the best thing is about being in the Maritime industry in Florida?

There are very few places around the globe with this high demand for marine electricians/engineers, which provide a large platform to operate and build a business on. (The “Mega yacht industry” in South Florida is a billion dollar industry.) Also, the climate is nice 98% of the time for water sports and other maritime activities.


What’s the most important reason to join SACC-SFL?

The most important reason to join SACC-SFL is the community and network of knowledge. Most of us have Swedish ties and have similar obstacles to climb within the business world. SACC -SFL is a rather young and vibrant community where most of us are up and coming companies but still with a base of some long-time established companies. Where other chambers might be stagnant, with only old timers with the motto “this is the way we always have done it”, this chamber is very relevant and in tune with “now”.

Thank you Fine Line Marine Electric for being members of SACC-SFL, we highly value your membership with us!


Contact information:
Petrus Sundevall, Operations Manager
petrus@flmelectric.com, (888) 326-6692 ext. # 1

Membership Spotlight: Cimplement

What does Cimplement do?

Cimplement stands for Corporate Culture Implementation in terms of sharper Leadership and Sales/Negotiation capabilities, strengthening the ability to bring out constructive reactions from others. 

What our clients claim is unique is the impact our trainings have on daily attitudes and behaviors. This is achieved through situational exercises (in groups of maximum 10 people), creating strong, personal, ”aha-experiences”.

With increased awareness of our strengths and areas for improvement, measurable, sustainable development takes place.

It’s a method we have perfected over 25 years, and clients include companies like Ericsson, Volvo, Husqvarna, Electrolux, Accenture, EY, PWC, KPMG, SAP and many more.


How can a company benefit from hiring your services?

As far as Sales/Negotiation the obvious benefit is improved sales results, increased client satisfaction and more profitable projects. People participating in our programs will ultimately have a sharper ability to help clients make the right decisions, which will have a huge impact on the bottom line.

When it comes to Leadership, your benefits will include better Retention of Talent, better Teamwork, mutual appreciation of each other and a stronger, more homogenous leadership style. 

In essence, the ability to ”Walk the Talk” in daily leadership.


Per Cedergren, CEO,  per.cedergren@cimplement.com, 786-847-4510
Karin Mörner, Partner, karin.moerner@cimplement.com, 305-304-9348


Founded in 2013, SACC-SFL has the reputation of being a fast-moving and energetic chamber. As an intern at SACC-SFL, you get the unique opportunity to be part of the cutting-edge setting that is South Florida today. You will be able to expand your professional network, gain new experience and advance your skills by meeting and collaborating with industry leaders and professionals in a variety of business sectors. This is a chance to gain a competitive edge, in Sweden and internationally.

  • We introduce and promote Swedish innovations, entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies in the South Florida area.
  • We link American and Swedish companies for mutually advantageous business opportunities.
  • We foster knowledge sharing and cultural exchange across borders.

Job Description

SACC-SFL is looki

ng for two outgoing and ambitious interns who are passionate about marketing and operations management. Experience in WordPress, graphic design and communication is an advantage as well as previous international experience. Most importantly, you enjoy networking and meeting new people. The intern’s primary tasks will be to assist with general operations, marketing, and event management.


  • General office administration
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Ensure that the Chamber website is up to date
  • Create content for the Chamber Newsletter
  • Organize and attend the Chamber’s events
  • Promote the Chamber through marketing activities
  • Assist in recruiting new Chamber members & interns

Required Skills

  • Higher education within Business, Marketing, or Project management
  • Related work or extracurricular experience
  • Outgoing personality and salesmanship skills
  • Leadership and teamwork skills
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in Swedish and English
  • Swedish or Finish citizenship

Apply here: http://sacc-usa.org/trainee/positions/?mc_cid=0d998bd231&mc_eid=68ac0a1a55

Application closes September 30th.

3 Best Practices for Small Business Marketing

With a MBA in Marketing & Management from Columbia University and nine years in direct mail –  you can surely say that Janet Granger has a lot of experience when it comes to marketing strategy. Janet has been named one of the 20 Most Influential Content Marketers in New England and in 2016, she published the book: Digital Influence for Baby Boomers: Why you should care and yes, you can do this! Here are her 3 best practices for small business marketing:

Small businesses need marketing but often work with a shoestring budget. Knowing that every penny has to be spent wisely, here are the best ways to ensure that a marketing person, team, or outside agency delivers the greatest success and results.

1. Define what’s important to you.

This may sound simple but it’s rare that marketing people start with asking questions. Most often, they start with suggestions of what to do and how much to spend.

Which, if you think about it, makes no sense. There’s no package or one-size-fits-all marketing plan. Every marketing strategy should start with the business results. What do you want to achieve?  For example, if most of your sales come from a conference or event, is your goal a certain number of people at your booth/location? Or is it all about online sales? Or foot traffic into a store? Are you looking to build your brand? Let your marketing team know what is important to you and how you’ll be judging their results.

If you don’t set out the goals at beginning, you’re setting yourself up (and them) for failure. Not sure what you should expect? Ask them what they will be delivering for you. And if you don’t like what you hear, change it.

2. Marketing takes time; don’t expect perfection at the start.

The early part of any marketing campaign is where the marketing person (or team) watches what’s happening and, if they’re good, tweaks the campaign to maximize results.

There’s nothing worse than a business owner seeing the early results of a campaign and shutting it down prematurely. Yes, it’s great to be involved and to monitor. But don’t expect the final results at the very beginning. Marketing is part science and part art. Give a campaign four weeks before you start to evaluate it and two – three months before you decide to change it or pull the plug.  

On the other hand, if the early results show that absolutely nothing is working, it’s time to stop, step back, and assess. This is often a good moment to try something new while still focusing on the same goals (as established in Step 1). 

3. Be sure to have a thorough debrief at the end, to review the metrics from the campaign.

Ask your marketing person or agency to review (a) what they promised you at the very beginning (again, Step 1) and (b) all the data that shows they delivered on that promise. If they can’t do this, they haven’t done their job.

Knowing that you’ll want this at the end of any campaign, it’s good for your marketing person or team to think about what data and results you’ll need before the project even starts. That way, all the metrics are set up properly at the beginning to measure if the campaign was, or was not, successful. 

For more marketing tips and tricks, visit www.janetgranger.com and sign up for my newsletter!