Article from SACC-USA: The Wonders of the Sunshine State

The article below is written by Maja Frendin at SACC-USA about our organisation here in Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beach. 

We recently spoke to our President of SACC Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach (SACC-SFL), Felizia Mulchan, about her work at SACC-SFL and their upcoming events.

The chamber recently held its hugely successful annual event at the DaVinci Inflight Training Institute, a private aviation training facility. Members and guests joined in on the festivities with hors d’oeuvres and open bar, after a presentation of the new Board of Directors. DaVinci Inflight Training Institute is a private aviation training facility. The event also showcased the artworks of up-and-coming artist Tatiana Malinine, who has also helped SACC-SFL with much of it’s media branding.

Mulchan described their events as a way of cross-promoting their different member companies, and to show the value of the SACC network. Later this spring, SACC-SFL will host a marketing series, with workshops and seminars focusing on online marketing.

“The first seminar will focus on social media marketing and boosting your online image. During the second workshop, the guests will be able to have makeup done by a professional artist and their pictures and headshots taken by a photographer. The idea is to be able to cross promote and provide offers for several members, and not just have social events.”

One of SACC-SFL’s most popular events is their annual Sommarfest, held every year in June at the Scandinavian Center together with The Swedish Consulate in Fort Lauderdale, Svenska Skolan i Fort Lauderdale, Svenska Kyrkan in Florida and SWEA South Florida. Around 350 guests are expected. The summer celebration is a fantastic opportunity for members to extend their networks through all the Swedish organizations in South Florida.

When talking specifically about the SACC-SFL network, Mulchan recognizes a few top priorities for the chamber. Firstly, the ability to cross promote and expand the network, as well as offering services to the smaller businesses in the network is high on the agenda. Secondly, the chamber is a strong promoter of the J1-visa program and is focusing on helping businesses secure top talent.

According to Mulchan, Florida is a diverse state with a multitude of industries, something that reflects on the SACC-SFL members. One of the predominant industries in the state is the marine industry, which has always had a high concentration of Scandinavians. Sweden also has a prominent role within the hospitality industry in Florida, with several Swedish owned hotels and vacation properties. Moreover, there are growing equestrian and golfing communities in Florida, where Swedish businesses and products continue to be strong brands.

Looking forward, Mulchan recognizes that there are incredible business opportunities in Florida for the chamber to capitalize on. The challenge lies in deploying and utilizing the chamber’s resources to reach its full potential. Mulchan believes that recent tax reforms will have a positive impact on Swedish companies looking to establish themselves in the US, and that the lower tax rates have been very well received across the board.

We here at SACC-USA are very proud to have Felizia Mulchan and her team of dedicated professionals promoting the SACC values and we are excited to follow SACC-SFL’s continued expansion.