Partnerlog Group

Last week we had the opportunity to meet with Emil Söderlund, CEO of Partnerlog Group in the United States & its overseas companies. Partnerlog Group has been active for 8 years and have around 35 employees that are working remotely around the US, Hong Kong and Europe. Their HQ is in Miami, with several employees / management team having Swedish roots working primarily from its Fort Lauderdale branch. PLG is are well acquainted with SACC and sees the benefit of being a member. Emil describes Partnerlog Group as a young logistic company with a mindset and vision different from other companies within the industry.

90% of the company consists of logistics solutions while the rest constitutes different parts of the supply chain, such as vendor management, sourcing and quality control. Most of their logistic solutions are within international air and ocean freight where products are shipped to and from buyers and sellers from all over the world. They focus on small- and medium sized companies and offers unique end-to-end solutions in order to meet every client’s needs and expectations.

Partnerlog Group aims at making every process seamless and to be time- and cost effective. They focus on giving their clients an outstanding service through tailor made logistic solutions and by their coverage of more than 180 countries. Flexibility is a key word within the company and Emil believes in the coexistence of freedom and responsibility. The employees are entitled to work from anywhere in the world, something that also improves the company’s cultural adaptness.

One of the best parts of working at PLG is that no day is like the other. An employee might work on a project in Colombia while the next day helping a client in Asia. Partnerlog Group’s future goals are to keep on growing and customize their company depending on future market changes. An important part of their future is to make sure that every employee identifies themselves with the company and feels comfortable enough in their position to make own decisions. “This is of great importance, so that every employee can develop together with the company”.

Mulchan CPA

November is the perfect time to review your company’s vision for 2020 and look over your accounting needs! Perhaps it involves switching CPA or service providers and updating processes. Just in time for the November Newsletter, we had the pleasure to interview Felizia Mulchan – founder of the accounting firm Mulchan CPA.

Felizia Mulchan is a Florida licensed CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and has worked in the accounting field since 2005. After receiving a master’s degree in accounting from FAU, she began her public accounting career at Ernst &Young. After years of experience within the big firms, Felizia wanted to work more closely with entrepreneurs and business owners. She also saw the void within the Swedish American community – a need for quality accounting services with expertise in entity structuring and international tax. In 2017, Felizia opened her firm, Mulchan CPA.

Today, the firm provides tax, accounting and consulting services in both Swedish and English to a predominantly Scandinavian clientele. Many clients are local entrepreneurs with Scandinavian backgrounds, others are Scandinavian companies with subsidiaries in the US. Mulchan CPA offers monthly accountings services, employee payroll and tax filings, and also work closely with clients on legal, banking and HR solutions. Often clients are active in multiple states and the firm manages contacts with vendors and local tax authorities in different states.

“The biggest advantage to run an operation like this in South Florida is the friendly business climate and low tax compared to other states” Felizia says. Another advantage is the close connection to Europe, with a time difference of only six hours. Mulchan CPA’s future goals are to continue to work closely with their clients and grow their businesses and to continue to help Scandinavian companies make business connections in South Florida.

So Felizia, how to become a client of yours? “Send me an email! And don’t forget to visit my new website, launching November 1st”.

We would like to thank Felizia for giving us an interesting and valuable insight into Mulchan CPA and its operations.